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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Small group coaching program

12 weeks weekly group coaching. Ditch diets + lose weight for good.

  • Ended
  • £225.00
  • St Nicholas, The Vale of Glamorgan

Service Description

his program is for you if…. * You want to lose 10lbs - 24lbs , or drop 2 dress sizes, have more energy, better skin, less bloating, be more focused, improved concentration, feel happier in yourself. * You are ready to make a commitment and investment into yourself right now * You are a busy person and do not know where to start * Feel tired and exhausted * Want someone to hold you accountable * Fed up of faddy diets How does my coaching work? I work with clients on a 3 month basis. This is because true long lasting change takes time. I can help you with this easy step process. Step 1 Full baseline audit Full assessment of where you are NOW and your goals are for the next 12 weeks and beyond. You will have knowledge of what has been happening so far as to why has been stopping you get results. You have awareness of foods that fuel your body, how much to eat for weight loss and how often to include those 'fun foods'. Step 2 Understand and manage cravings Find the root cause of your cravings. Here we discuss managing cravings and you will get clear strategies to help you manage. Food will no longer control you ! Food diary for 1 week to see link between when you eat, what happens around you that causes a trigger for your cravings. We explore that together to pinpoint your trouble area stress related, too much elimination or restriction. Create a action plan to solve it to set you up for success. Step 3 Optimise your gut health / improve your digestion Explore any digestive issues and provide targeted advice on fibre + fluids to improve your gut symptoms. Personalised gut health plan. For you and your lifestyle. Step 4 Personalised Action plan We will assess your current lifestyle and your will be able to understand your triggers. Together we will chose a plan that will last and give you long lasting results and one you can sustain. You will be offered a mixture of ways to get into a calorie deficit to lose weight. This can be done by * A detailed meal plan with shopping lists and recipes OR a flexible meal plan. * A high fibre approach focusing on the 4 step easy plate method * Calorie counting and hitting protein targets. One size does not fit all so we will work together to find what works for you. I do encourage ALL clients to focus on whole plant-foods. Step 5 Maintenance Putting it all together. How you maintain your changes and dealing with any potential relapses, managing holiday, eating out, social occasions.

Contact Details

  • Cardiff CF5 6SH, UK


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